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A child’s birthday party at Hello Park is a magical adventure. Here, children can enter a life-size cartoon world and interact with it. There are lots of stunning themed zones: trampolines, swings, slides, drawing rooms and dance floors—all in a super-modern format. The exciting game mechanics of these multimedia attractions develop your child’s logic, thinking, imagination, agility, coordination and other skills. Your whole family will enjoy these fun and educational activities!

Посмотрите как проходят праздники в Hello Park

Interactive Table

Here you can play with asteroids and comets, direct astronauts in outer space and even grow a whole garden of colorful flowers together with your friends.
In the middle of all this fun, the table will personally congratulate the birthday child, while a picturesque show will thrill all the guests.

Fun and Entertainment

A cheerful, engaging animator can congratulate the birthday child, bring out a birthday cake and play interactive games with guests at our park. The animator can wear the costume of the special child's favorite character—just choose the date for your party.

Праздничные программы

  • Hello Fun

      • All-day ticket for 10 persons

      • Birthday room rental (1 hour)

      • Interactive table

    • Будни2000 sr + VAT
    • Выходные2000 sr + VAT
  • Hello Boom

      • All-day ticket for 10persons

      • Birthday room rental (1 hour)

      • Interactive table

      • Character (30 min.)

      • Cake 2 layers

      • Kids Meal + Juice

    • Будни3900 sr + VAT
    • Выходные3900 sr + VAT

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  • You can find out more in the Prices section on the main page. Please note that on holidays, weekend rates apply.

  • Wait for offers and news

  • More information will be provided later

  • Children must be accompanied by adults. Every adult accompanying a child must purchase an unlimited adult ticket. 1 child can be accompanied by no more than 2 adults.

  • More information upcoming

  • You’ll need two things when coming to our park: cotton socks and a good mood! You can buy these socks at our souvenir shop. Indoor shoes are not used at our park. All guests must wear (cotton) socks to ensure comfort and cleanliness.

  • Yes: if your child is over the age of 6, you can leave them with us, and we’ll make sure to take care of them.
    But remember: you are responsible for your child!



Panorama Mall, Riyadh, Tahasusi Street, code 12332

The park is open daily from 10:00am to 10pm

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