Open your first innovative park of entertainment
Phygital? Ok, what's the deal?

Well, the word comes from digital and physical, because our games combine both. Amusement park's space reacts to your actions. You can interact with all the projections on a brand-new level!

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Our concept
The world where fantasy becomes something real and imagination is the only limit our guests face. We combine the comprehensive development, entertainment and the latest technology.
There is so much more to our park than just fun, as our space serves to develop such skills as reaction speed, fine motor skills, logic, fantasy, communication, art, and of course imagination!
Using their bodies children can alter the digital world around them.
No need for any special devices! We use projector's light instead which is safe for children and their eyes.
Live Pictures
Creation, imagination
14 phygital-
Knowledge about the world
Robo Cubes
Stamp your feet
Coordination and alertness
Fire Trampoline
Coordination and reaction speed
The Whale
Reaction speed, memory
Space Swings
Vestibular system
Bubble Mumble
Reaction speed,
Evolution of Stars
Fantasy slope
The Giant
Photo area
Ball Strike
Reaction speed,
Treasure Island
Motor skills
Digital Painter
General knowledge
A unique technology of a child park utilizing innovations and immersive gameplay
A totally immersive experience while playing along with colorful characters

Special cameras and sensors allow real-time interaction with projections, while many people can play at the same time
Our latest technology allows children to develop their mental and physical skills
A completely new format that fascinates children just as much as their parents
Kids love it!
Children are gadget-addicted and can spend hours on a game, while parents and psychologists do not support such idea. They try to make kids enjoy some active, useful and group activities, as well as art. Phygital Park is the answer, combining all the demands within its Edutainment sphere.

World trends
Development while having fun
200 m²
6 attractions,
60 people
15-20 attractions,
300 people
1000 m²
500 m²
10 attractions,
150 people
Our attractions
Paint your pet with markers, scan your picture and - it is a miracle! - it appears on the screen inside of fantastic world. Touch your new friend on the wall to see it react with a sound and movement.

Kids of all ages love to collect figures from our cubes, because they create robots out of them! Make sure to assemble the cubes in the right way so you can meet friendly androids! It's hard not to keep creating all kinds of fantastic, colorful characters!

Throw balls at the flying-saucers on the screen to become the one who saves the planet. A super fun game for all toy lovers and the ones ready to become real heroes!

20 Phygital Parks
Мультимедийное приключение
Мультимедийный детский парк
Мультимедийная зона «Крокус Сити Океанариум»
Мультимедийная зона в VR-парке на ВДНХ
Мультимедийный детский парк, 2016~2017
Выставка-путешествие по России, 2017–2018
Саратов, Самара, Казань, Тверь, Рязань, Ростов-на-Дону, Курск, Воронеж, Краснодар
Мультимедийная детская комната
Мультимедийные аттракционы, 2016–2017
Мультимедийный детский парк, 2016–2017
Прибалтика, СНГ
Выставочный тур по 8 городам 2018-2019
Мультимедийный парк
Международная мультимедийная выставка
Рига, Минск, Гомель, Вильнюс
Мультимедийные аттракционы 2016–2017
Phygital Park has evolved from our best practices over the years. We have combined our top creations and can now offer a product of the highest quality in a city near you.

Proven solutions
on the market of phygital entertainment
within the last 2 years

of happy reactions from children and their parents
Start your Phygital business!
Phygital Park responds to all the latest trends of the 21st century and has it all to become the leader of the industry
Well-proven format which was tested in many cities and countries, with a guaranteed repay
90% of our guests highly rank us in their feedback, with 60% of them coming back for more
Mobility and the ability to change exposures without extra costs spent on decorations
Park's monetization
Main income is tickets' sale
Ticket's price is – 300-600 ₽. per 1 hour
(depends on the park's size and the region)
cafe for visitors
rent for events
photo/video materials
excursions for juniors
events such as shows or Christmas parties
Maximum capacity:
300 m. - 100-120 kids
500 m. - 200-230 kids
The capacity also depends on the space given and people's flow just as much as your marketing activities.
Additional income
What do your get
Software license starting from 1 attraction

Ready-made attractions with all the needed equipment

Customized attractions' development according to a park's theme

Technical equipment financial lease

Preparation of the technical design of the park and the installation of equipment

Technical support

Ready promotional materials

Training of staff and a full set of documents for a park's management

We produce new attractions every 6-12 months.
You will be regularly updated on our expansion plans, as we tend to create long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners
We have famous movie characters soon to be launched and utilise popular children's brands to bring new attractions to life.
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Let's talk about your first Phygital Park!
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